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People often ask how helpful the Video Voice Speech Training System really is in the therapy process and what benefits it offers. Specific references are always available on request, but here is a sampling of some of the many successes users have reported with this speech therapy software.

"I love it, the kids adore it! [I see] tons of carry-over!"   K.M., Marquette, MI

"We worked for weeks with no success. After 'experimenting' with Pitch Painting she could 'see' the changes in voice pitch and could alter them in just one session!"  S.B., Beachwood, OH

"Working with the Video Voice, an 8-year-old student with cerebral palsy was motivated to practice voice onset and monitor his voice intensity and really work on both for the first time."  S.S., Fort Wayne, IN

"One of my second graders was having a difficult time producing the /r/ phoneme in the final position of words (i.e., butter, heather, rubber). She is now able to produce this sound correctly in some words and approximate it in other with the help of visual feedback."  T.G., Midland, MI

"A 20-year-old woman had two brain tumors removed and a stroke on top of that, and her speech was badly slurred. We used P-A-R to increase the repetition speed of sounds. She started with [being able to produce] only four sounds in one sweep of the screen, and increased it to eight. It was just like weight training - her exercise with  P-A-R helped her get the sounds out quicker and more intelligibly."  B.B., Abilene, TX

"My attempts at decreasing the "shrill" voicing of a deaf student met with success after the third session with Video Voice. Also, a voice case (narrow pitch range) increased his range by 4 tones (upward range) after seeing his model vs. mine on the screen."  T.W., Windom, MN

"We have seen carryover from Pitch Painting, challenging the student to speak consistently "under pink". We now cue her with "under pink" in the classroom, and her response is consistent." P.O., Richardson, TX

"When I use Voice-A-Sketch, the children stay on task better and are encouraged to say target sounds ... They love it and speech becomes more fun."  T.N., Decatur, GA

"I've worked with several foreign teaching assistants who were unable to teach because of their stress and intonation. They were very fluent in English, but incomprehensible. After working with Video Voice, they were able to finally "see" the style of stress in English and begin monitoring their speech. They are still working on it, but Video Voice was the catalyst."  P.H., Pittsburgh, PA

"Several students in my preschool HI class have gone from being non-verbal to vocalizing and imitating some isolated words. One student has clearly adjusted her pitch in conversational speech. For me, it has added a new dimension to therapy. It's made the dullness of repetition exciting. Also, with my older students, I can accomplish more in a session. I see two students together, and while one works independently on the Video Voice, the other is working with me."  C.B., Warren, MI

"A deaf student is able to modify vocal amplitude, pitch and rhythm appropriately based on Video Voice work of past four years. We have even used it to introduce foreign language production."  J.B., St. Helena, CA

"I had a sixth grader with a bilateral, profound-to-deaf sensori-neural hearing loss. There was really no way for her to monitor her articulation or prosody. She demonstrated great improvement in intelligibility and prosody after a period of Video Voice therapy. All previous efforts had been futile."  W.H., Stamford, CT

"A deaf student from India had difficulty understanding speech training. He was in high school English and had a terrible time. The visual was self-explanatory to him and helped him learn English words and articulation."  K.B., Huron, OH

"Thanks for making my job so much easier and so rewarding. Because of your hard work, I feel successful!"  B.E., Lansing, MI

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