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Since first released in fall 2006, Video Voice Version 3.0 has undergone numerous changes and improvements.  The software is continually under development as we investigate and explore new ways to make it the best computer-based speech therapy aid available.  We welcome suggestions from our users on additions and changes that will make it even more helpful to them.  Many Video Voice features and capabilities are the direct result of feedback from Speech-Language Pathologists who are using it! 

New versions of Version 3.0 are available for download.  We encourage  users to regularly check for updates to keep their software up-to-date.  (To see which version you currently have installed, click the telephone icon on the Start-Up or Main Menu.  If lower than Version 3.0.131, download the latest version!)

Many releases contain minor general improvements or bug fixes that may not be visually apparent to those using Video Voice.  Others fall into a major new addition category.  Significant changes and new features and capabilities that have been added over the past several years are detailed below.


New Feature/Capability/Improvement Version # Released
Expanded Displays, Free Kaledoscope Game, Facebook Link, New Low Pricing

The Kaleidoscope, Pitch Painting, Voice-A-Sketch and Magic Box games now have a Expand button that lets you increase the size of the displays for greater visual impact.  (The Shrink button returns the display to normal size.

The Kaleidoscope game is now a free option, accessible from the StartUp Menu.

All cross-time displays now have vertical time lines to make viewing and assessing vocal timing easier.  Grid lines around these displays also give those displays greater definition.

Graphic pitch channels have been added to both P-A-R Streaming Speech and Connected Speech to make the desired pitch range more visually concrete.

A "Both" option in P-A-R Streaming and Connected Speech displays shows volume as peaks of varying sizes and speaking pitch as colors within the peaks. 

Speech Ball now has enhanced paddle animation to add greater visual interest to the game. 

Graphic improvements to On The Air display add visual interest, and clickable "traffic lights" make activation and deactivation of the Formant, volume and pitch bands easier.

Volume Sensititivity control in Magic Box gives more control over reward/penalty point tally during operation.   

Microphone/Audio Test functions are now more visible and accessible, making it easier to coordinate Windows and Video Voice recording and playback functions.

Link to Video Voice Facebook page.   Frequent posts with sample screens and photos offer brief descriptions of operation.  Like us on Facebook to see almost daily suggestions for successful use.

Reduced pricing on all system packages makes Video Voice the most comprehensive and affordable speech therapy tool available!

3.0.131 6/9/2015
Spectral Model Storage, Directory Data Removal, Hidden  Reward Activation control

F1/F2/F3 Spectral sound "traces" can now be stored and retrieved for practice in subsequent sessions.

Delete button on model/sample directories streamlines removal of unneeded data (previously available only via Data Management Menu option).

Hidden reward activation by therapist without visible mouse operation.  See A Little Bit of Magic for details.   

Support for non-English keyboards added to Fun & Games 12-Pack..

Revised P-A-R Pitch Inflection scoring.

3.0.130 11/2013
Onset and False Start Detection, Support Materials

New vocal onset and false start detection in all games and displays reduces premature "take off" of voicing and generally improves overall operation.

Pop-up menus provide more visibility of and easier access to built-in Solutions and Support materials and Video Voice Talk blog topics.

3.0.129 6/2013
Windows 8 Support, Fundamental Frequency, Text Customization, New Package/Prices

Modifications to support Windows 8 and improved Windows 7 operation.

Fundamental frequency measurement to complement other Assessment capabilities.

Customization of on-screen reward text and other text prompts to correspond with user-modified audios.

Goal scoring in the Formant Multi-Frequency Gobble game makes display more effective for therapy use.

Enhanced trace capture for practice in Formant Multi-Frequency Spectral display.

Added access to F2/F1 and Multi-Frequency (F3/F2) Gobble displays directly from Formant Menu to make reaching this powerful feedback mode easier.

Simultaneous display of pitch and volume in P-A-R Connected Speech, with volume shown as peaks and pitch in spectrum colors.

New Streaming Speech P-A-R display, provides live, "marching" display of pitch, volume or both pitch (as color) and volume

New Fun & Games 12-Pack makes games available at a lower price for those with limited budgets or interest in only game practice options.

Revised internal documentation (Help).

Reduced pricing on all software packages. 

3.0.128 4/2013
More Audio Prompt Personalization

Additional customization of audio prompts for voicing, congratulatory messages and replay phrases, allows therapist to save recordings in caseload data folders for personalization of operation to individual students/clients.

3.0.127 12/2011
Personalized Audio Prompts, Spectral Display Revision, Price Reduction

Users can now customize audio prompts for voicing ("Say [target]", "Speak Now"), congratulatory messages and other replay phrases from the Configuration Menu-Auditory Feedback option. 

The Formant Multi-Frequency Spectral Display's live feedback on F1/F2/F3 have been revamped, featuring smoother representation of voice data and trace lines showing averages within the three frequency ranges.  Trace lines can be frozen to act as models for practice.

Improved handling of alternate keyboard languages in the International/Simplified operating mode, translation of buttons and controls for localization with French and Spanish keyboards.

New Solutions document offering guidelines for fluency work.

Fix for ugly lock-up bug in articulation model-match games.

New lower price on all configurations (Professional, Home, etc)!

3.0.126 10/2011
New Formant and P-A-R Displays, Blog Link  

New Formant Display Spectral Display provides live feedback on F1, F2, and F3 aspects of speech production, especially useful for work on /r/, /s/, /sh/ and other sustainable sounds.  (Released in preliminary form.)

P-A-R Streaming Speech, displays pitch, volume or simultaneous pitch and volume, with pitch illustrated by color.  At end of 3, 5 or 10-second sample time, data collected begins moving off screen as new data sampled.  Monitors and reports voicing time, and time/percentage above or below user-defined goals.

Link to new Video Voice Talk blog, with discussions of various aspects of Video Voice use, history, and more.  Check it out! 

3.0.125 3/2011
International/Simplified Use Operating Mode  

New operating mode supports both Latin and non-Latin keyboard languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew.  Includes access to all games and displays with model, therapist and student/client names displayed in the active keyboard language.   Translations to French and Spanish text in displays and games.  Simpler operation does not allow storage of models or score data or reporting.   The International/Simplied version is available at a reduced price

3.0.124 11/2010
Resizable Screen Displays  

Allows temporary adjustment of the screen to make the displays larger or smaller while running Video Voice, while maintains the original Windows settings and shortcut icon positions on exit.  Smaller sizes include a sidebar providing easy access to built-in PDF support documents such as Solutions pages that offer suggestions for work on common speech goals. 

3.0.122 6/2010
Operation in Windows Domain Environment  

Improved support for use in a domain networked structure. 

3.0.120 5/2010
Alternate Language Text Input Support  

Automatically identifies user's keyboard style and language, allows user-entered text (names, model names, report comments, etc) in that language, including RTL-oriented languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.  (Added at user request.)

3.0.116 4/2010
Full 64- and 32-bit Support  

Various modifications to support operation on  both 64- and 32-bit computers with Windows 7 and Vista operating systems.

3.0.114 2/2010
Sound Articulation Game Options

New options in Chat-N-U-Go Choo-Choo, Voice-A-Sketch and R-Ticulator games provide feedback on high-frequency and other user-selectable and definable sounds.

3.0.112 12/2009
Get Update Button

This new button on the Main Menu makes it easy to keep Video Voice up-to-date as new versions are released.  It opens the user's Internet browser to the Current Release page on www.videovoice.com and allows download of a new version.

3.0.107 9/2009
Expanded Game Rewards, "Non-Violence" Controls

New options added to the Fun & Games Game Preferences Menu to give users greater control over reward appearance.  "Static" reward control removes blinking, flashing and other animation from rewards.  New reward graphics are available, and the Preview button allows advance viewing of rewards and selection or deactivation of graphics.  (New controls added at user request.)

In the Bulls Eye! game (formerly Bombs Away!), a new Game Selection Options control lets therapists control which games appear in the game menu, allowing "violent" game options to be hidden.

3.0.106 6/2009
New Fun & Games Graphics

New graphics and animations added to the Chat-N-U-Go Choo-Choo game.  In addition to antique and modern trains, you can choose automobiles with selectable colors and styles which move from tunnel to tunnel, or a horse that gallops around a corral.  (New game graphics added at user request.)

3.0.105 4/2009
Laser Master Game Operation

Operation of the Fun & Games option modified so that laser beam can be activated by pitch, volume, or both  (formerly both correct  pitch and volume were required).  Voicing at the desired pitch/volume moves the target off the screen, rather than ending with an explosion.  (Added at user request.)

3.0.104 1/2009
Formant Multi-Frequency and Spectrogram Displays

Three new Formant displays added, which visually illustrate differences in high-frequency sounds such as /s/ and /sh/.  Includes a Spectrogram providing frequency details for therapist assessment of sound production.  Spectrographic data can be stored and used in F3/F2/F1 Temporal Match Practice displays, also in the F3/F2 Matrix Match format and its live-feedback Gobble counterpart. 

3.0.99 7/2008
Spheres, New Formant Display Graphic Option

Display control added for F2/F1 Formant Matrix Display, allowing sound data to be visually represented as colored spheres, useful for work on vowels in isolation or coarticulated with other sounds.  Therapist can easily switch between "Patterns" and "Spheres" Styles.

3.0.87 2/2008
Voice-A-Sketch, My Own Pictures

Ability to use any .jpg images stored in the user's My Pictures folder as graphics in the Voice-A-Sketch game added, allowing therapist to customize game for optimal motivation of any student or patient.   (Added at user request.)

3.0.63 9/2007
Solutions PDFs

Viewable/printable PDF documents with recommendations on using games and displays for working on various common speech goals added to Main Menu.

3.0.40 5/2007
"Help Me Choose" Interactive Menu

Interactive menu added to facilitate selection of and access to games and display activities most appropriate for common speech goals.

3.0.37 1/2007
Export/Import Options on Data Management Menu, New Reward Graphics

Ability to Export and Import individual student/patient data files or entire therapist data folders added, allowing transfer of models and related data to different computers.  (Added at user request.)

Variety of new reward graphics added to enhance enjoyment of the displays and games.

3.0.08 12/2006



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