Fun & Games Speech Therapy Applications

Game/Display Activity Speech Element
Bulls Eye! Learn more about Bulls Eye!

Turn voicing on and off as a plane or cloud moves across screen to drop "bombs" or "care packages" or make rain fall on therapist-defined onset targets.

Rhythm, vocal onset
Chat-N-U-Go Choo-Choo Learn more about Chat-N-U-Go Choo-Choo

Move a train or car from station to station or a horse around a paddock with continuous voicing, correct volume, onsets or production of target sounds or words.

Duration, onset, articulation
Driving Home Learn more about Driving Home

Drive home without breaking the volume "speed limit."

Volume, duration, fluency
Falling Star Learn more about Falling Star

Catch stars as they fall by producing the correct articulation target.

Jumping Jack Learn more about Jumping Jack

Use your voice to help Jack compete in track meet events ranging from hurdles to high jumps to races.

Volume, duration, onset, rate of speech
Kaleidoscope Learn more about Kaleidoscope

See pitch and volume in a colorful, constantly changing display, watch it fade away when voicing stops.

Volume, pitch, duration, harsh vs. easy onset
Laser Master Learn more about Laser Blaster

Move alien ships into space by vocalizing at the correct pitch and/or volume for a therapist-defined length of time.

Pitch, volume, duration
Magic Box Learn more about Magic Box

Make boxes grow and shrink in response to volume levels or fill the screen with colorful, volume-sized blocks.

Volume, harsh vs. easy onset, pitch, duration
On The Air Learn more about On The Air

Watch your voice on the radio - band heights change along with pitch, volume and different speech sounds.

Pitch, volume, duration, onset, articulation
P-A-R Game Zone Learn more about P-A-R Game Zone

Use predefined, nonsegmental models as targets for pitch and volume games.

Pitch, volume, rhythm
Pitch Painting Learn more about Pitch Painting

Fill a picture frame with colorful graphics that show the pitch levels in speech.  Choose Starbursts, Lines, Sticks, Ovals and other graphic elements.

Pitch, duration
Red Light-Green Light Learn more about Red Light-Green Light

Practice speaking rate, pitch or volume with the aid of a traffic light - green light means go on, red means STOP!

Pitch, volume, rate of speech
R-Ticulator Learn more about the R-Ticulator

Turn the large letter green by producing sounds correctly:  R, S, SH, or other sounds the therapist specifies.

Speech Ball Learn more about Speech Ball

A new twist on an old game!  Knock bricks out of the wall with your voice, using simple voicing, vocal onset or appropriate volume level.

Rhythm, onset, more or less volume
Treasure Hunt Learn more about Treasure Hunt

Collect all the booty in the Treasure Cave by producing target words or sounds (therapist-defined) correctly.

Articulation (sounds or words)
Up, Up and Away Learn more about Up, Up and Away

Provide sufficient "wind" to carry the hot air balloon over the mountain ranges.  Keep voice active so the balloon doesn't crash!

Volume, duration
Voice-A-Sketch Learn more about Voice-A-Sketch

Reveal hidden pictures by continuous voicing, vocal onset, maintaining a desired volume level, or repeated production of a target word or sound.   Use the nearly 80 built-in images, or use your own graphics to customize to each individual's interests.

Duration, onset, articulation, fluency

Hint:  Click on the game names or pictures to see sample screen displays and more game details for each of these speech therapy software options!


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