Current Software Releases

Version 3.0

Video Voice Speech Training System Version 3.0 software requires only a microphone for voice input.  Unlike earlier versions, all voice analysis functions are handled via software, so no specialized hardware is needed.  It is also significantly lower in cost than the previous, hardware-dependent models.  You will need a microphone for live voice input.  We recommend a USB desktop style, and many versions are available.  (Other microphones will also work.) 

Video Voice 3.0 will run on PCs with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT, or on newer Macintosh computers equipped with a Windows desktop emulator (e.g., Bootcamp, Parallels or VMware Fusion).

The most current version release is 3.0.131 (June 9, 2015).  Click to download it now (Note:  50+ MB file, high speed access strongly recommended).

Version 3.0 Users:  Are you using the most up-to-date Video Voice software?  See what's new here.  To check which version you currently have installed, click the telephone icon on the Start-Up or Main menu.  The release number of your version will be indicated there.  If lower than 3.0.131, download a new copy to take advantage of new features and capabilities, as well as fixes to issues in earlier versions.

Get more information:
Version 3.0 Summary (printable PDF)

  Video Voice Color Brochure (printable PDF)


Previous Video Voice Releases

Windows Version Users:   The most current release of the hardware-dependent model of Video Voice for Windows software is Version 2.2.  This is the final release, and no further additions or enhancements are planned.  If you have the Video Voice Speech Analyzer, replacement copies of the Version 2.2 are available as needed.  You may call to request a CD, or download Version 2.2 now.  However, if you are interested in expanding your program's use of Video Voice, we encourage you to look at the new software-only Version 3.0.

PC- DOS Version Users:  The last release of the DOS version was Version 3.4.  That software is obsolete and no longer available.   You can request a copy of Version 2.2 of the Windows-compatible software if desired, at no additional cost.  Call  800-537-2182 or download Version 2.2 now.  We recommend that you consider the newer Version 3.0, however, as it has many more features and greater capabilities.

Macintosh Version Users:  Version 3.6.3 was the final release for the Macintosh-compatible Video Voice which uses the original Speech Analyzer hardware.  Copies may still be available to users if needed - call for further information.  The external hardware is no longer available.  Consider the new, Windows-compatible, software-only, Version 3.0 instead.  It has far greater capabilities and is very easy to use.  Version 3.0 will run on Macintosh computers which have Windows desktop emulation software such as Bootcamp, Parallels or VMware Fusion.



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