Five Good Reasons To Choose Video Voice

for Your Speech Therapy Program

Schools, universities, hospitals and speech clinics around the globe enjoy the benefits of this innovative speech therapy software.  Here are five reasons to add this flexible tool to your program, too:

  1. Versatility.  Video Voice offers facilities for almost any type of speech therapy work.   More than 17 games and 16 colorful graphic displays have over 75 variations to give you new ways to illustrate speech. Represent pitch as colors in a spectrum ... give "speeding tickets" for too much volume ... teach sounds with a "gobble-the-dots" game ... create pictures that show coarticulation and stress in connected speech ... show accurate or distorted production of high-frequency sounds, and much, much more.

  2. Adaptability.  Video Voice is appropriate for many age and ability levels because you control the content and tailor operation to best meet individual speech therapy needs. One person might use it for simple vocal awareness development, another for vowel production, and another more complex aspects of connected speech. What sounds? Which words? That's up to you!  The visual feedback is language-independent, so it can also be used for therapy with speakers of languages other than English.

  3. Simplicity.  The Video Voice speech therapy software has been designed with ease-of-use in mind.  There are many visual cues that make learning how it works a breeze.  Built-in, context-sensitive documentation accessible via Help buttons.  Color-highlighted controls.  Cursor changes to identify adjustable options.  Small, pop-up "tool tips" that describe functionality of the various controls.  An interactive "Help Me Choose" facility that directs you to the best options for common speech goals.  Printable "Solutions" and other support PDFs offer guidance on using the games and displays.

  4. Accountability. Built-in recordkeeping and reporting capabilities help you quantify performance and track progress over time in tabular or graphic form to satisfy IEP mandates or insurance coverage requirements or support research studies.

  5. Longevity.   Over more than 35 years, Video Voice has developed into a comprehensive tool that meets a wide range of speech therapy needs.   Unparalleled flexibility and ease of use will make Version 3.0 a valuable asset to your therapists and their caseloads for many years. And, help when you need it is just a toll-free phone call away - you'll get fast, courteous response from real people with real answers.


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