Benefits in Therapy


Therapists using Video Voice describe several general benefits this speech therapy software offers for helping people in their caseloads improve their communication skills, and how the visual feedback helps them successfully develop and remediate speech errors.


It motivates through positive reinforcement...

Numerous entertaining speech practice formats keep individuals interested and motivated to succeed.  Most Video Voice formats feature scoring, cartoon rewards and encouraging messages to reinforce a sense of progress and improvement.    Rewards can be automatic, or manually activated in all displays.

It captures the intangible...

Speech is by nature both transient and intangible.  Video Voice's displays capture speech productions and freeze them on screen, providing ways to examine and discuss speech errors.  Its displays of the nonsegmental elements of speech make it easier to work on these "invisible" elements as well as sound and word articulation.

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It lets individuals participate in the process differently, and more fully...

The visual feedback lets individuals be more involved in judging their speech productions.   This can change the nature of the speech session dramatically, giving them a greater sense of power and responsibility for their speech skills.  Both the individual and therapist can see and discuss the voice patterns.  The Video Voice displays support the therapist's assessment of performance, so potential conflict can be averted. It's no longer an issue of what you say he is doing wrong, but what you both see happening on the screen.

It provides consistent practice targets...

Models of therapy targets can be created and stored for reuse, so the individual gets consistent visual feedback across sessions.  Once accustomed to how voice patterns and errors appear on the screen, he may also be able to use the Video Voice software for independent practice.  Storage of targets can also reduce your pre-session preparation time.

It assists in cognitive development of the kinesthetics of speech...

The live feedback in the Formant Gobble games, Temporal Displays, P-A-R Displays and Fun & Games options provides opportunities for vocal play.  The individual can "explore" his voice, and, through changes in the visual displays, learn how modifying tongue position and other vocal organ movement affect sounds produced.   This process helps develop the motor control required for consistent and accurate sound production.

It "legitimizes" the speech session...

Those who have already had years of therapy may feel bored with or embarrassed about doing the repetitive drills necessary to attain automaticity of speech.  The Video Voice displays make speech practice an entertaining and rewarding experience.  Individuals are typically willing to work harder and repeat targets more times than in a traditional therapy setting.

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