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Hearing-impaired children enjoy therapy with Video Voice

The Video Voice Speech Training System software turns your computer into a powerful, comprehensive speech development tool.  The displays and games enhance therapy results with speech issues related to autism, apraxia, head injury, stroke, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, oral motor articulation deficits, mental or emotional challenges, and other disabilities.  Therapist-defined content and adaptable operation make it useful for ages ranging from early childhood through geriatric. 

Take a look around to see how Video Voice can help with your speech therapy needs, even get a 30-Day FREE Trial!

Schools, universities, hospitals and speech clinics around the globe have been experiencing the benefits of this innovative, flexible speech therapy software for 25+ years. Here are five reasons why.

No-charge software updates as new features and capabilities are added keep your Video Voice software up-to-date, making the price even more reasonable!   The most current release includes a new International/Simplified operating mode, which extends utility for ESL training and foreign language therapyClick here to see what else is new.

People often ask how helpful the Video Voice Speech Training System really is in the speech therapy process. Here is a small sampling of some of the many successes users have reported and the benefits it offers in the therapy process.

The Video Voice speech therapy software offers a wide variety of entertaining, motivational, graphic displays and games that have many applications for developing speech skills.   There's visual feedback on pitch, volume, vowel production, and more.  Check out the Multi-Frequency Displays that help with work on high-frequency sound distortions!! 

There are many possibilities for therapy work, but the Video Voice speech training software is easy to navigate and learn.  Built-in documentation (context-sensitive Help), mouse tool tips and other visual cues make using it a snap.  With Help Me Choose, an interactive guide to the best ways to work on your speech goals, getting started is quick and easy!   Recommended strategies for success guide you from the simple games and displays through the more complex, including available reports and options for managing caseload data.

Download the most up-to-date version of this versatile speech therapy software, which includes a DEMO & 30-DAY FREE TRIAL and the new International/Simplified mode, which supports non-Latin keyboard languages such as Arabic and Hindi.  (Can't download?   Ask your facility's for assistance.)

Video Voice 3.0 will run on computers with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT, as well as Macintosh OS X with Windows desktop emulation.

If you already have Version 3.0, check to make sure you are using the most current release. (To see what version you have installed, just click the telephone icon on the StartUp menu.)   Need further information to support a grant or funding request?  Click for printable PDFs about Video Voice Version 3.0:  a 1-page Quick Look, multi-page color brochure, or pricing summary.    

Speech Therapy Links on the World Wide Web, including the Video Voice Talk blog.  Or, like us on Facebook to see samples and usage suggestions that are added daily!


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